Will A Roll Off Dumpster Ruin My Driveway?

The odds of a roll off dumpster from Sunshine Disposal causing damage to your driveway are extremely low. You should be aware, however, that it is possible for damage to occur due to the weight of the materials you put into the container. Luckily there are a few steps you can take to prevent damage. 

Prevent Cracks and Scratches

Covering the driveway with plywood where the roll off dumpster is to be placed is the best way to prevent cracks and scratches on the surface. The owner of the dumpster is not typically liable for this type of damage, so if it is a concern to you this is an important step.

Pick the Right Spot

You want to place the dumpster on the hardest and most level surface possible. Concrete is typically ideal because it will not give underneath the weight of the dumpster and its contents. Concrete is extremely unlikely to be damaged by a roll off dumpster. 

Asphalt is second best, but may not always be dry and strong enough to prevent surface damage or indentations. If asphalt is your best option, choose the most level area and place the dumpster in a shady spot if possible so the asphalt is not softened by the sun. Boards placed under the wheels can also disperse the weight evenly to help prevent impressions.

A dumpster should not be placed on grass if it is at all avoidable, as it may sink into the ground and the grass will likely be damaged.

Call Sunshine Disposal For Your Roll Off Dumpster Rental

Sunshine Disposal offers different sizes of roll off dumpsters to fit any needs. We will help you determine the size container that will be adequate for your needs and we will work with you to determine a schedule for delivery and pickup. Importantly, we can deliver, pick up, and switch out containers wherever and whenever you need them.

Sunshine Disposal has been providing roll off rental containers to homes and businesses in Kansas City and surrounding communities for more than 20 years. Our friendly, professional customer service and prompt, reliable delivery and pick have ensured our position as a leading roll off dumpster rental resource in Jackson County, MO, Cass County, MO, Johnson County, KS, and Miami County, KS.

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The odds of a roll off dumpster from Sunshine Disposal causing damage to your driveway are extremely low.

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