When to Choose a Small Dumpster Rental

Choosing a small dumpster rental as opposed to a large dumpster rental, sounds like an easy decision. Large jobs require large dumpsters. Small jobs require a small dumpster. In fact, there are many reasons to choose a small dumpster, even on a large project. 

Sunshine Disposal has been in the business of dumpsters for many years. We’ve learned a thing or two about choosing the right dumpster and work with our clients to determine how to best handle their specific debris removal needs. Throughout Jackson, Johnson, Cass and Miami counties, there are many reasons to choose a dumpster and many dumpster sizes to choose. Typically, people spend more time trying to decide what size dumpster they need and overlook some of the important pieces in choosing a dumpster.

Small Dumpster Placement

Picking a small dumpster rental ensures placement of the dumpster won’t be an issue. Specifically on residential projects, smaller dumpsters fit in most driveways and are easily placed on the property near the building. 

Some cities in Jackson, Johnson, Cass and Miami counties have rules about where a dumpster can sit and for how long. There are restrictions on placing dumpsters or debris boxes in public right-of-way areas. You can’t block roads, sidewalks, or pathways. Choosing a smaller dumpster, that can fit in your driveway or on your property, removes the risk of placement issues.

Small Dumpster Capacity

A small dumpster holds more than you think. Generally, it is the equivalent of what three or four pickup trucks could hold. Sunshine Disposal’s staff will ask you about the project and items you need removed to help you determine if a small dumpster rental is right for the job.

Avoid Property Damage

No driveway or yard is indestructible. The larger the container, the heavier the load, the more potential there is for damage. A small dumpster will put less stress on your property and minimize the potential for costly repairs or landscaping in the future. 

Small Dumpster Availability

Small dumpsters are usually less expensive and more available than larger dumpsters. Why? Because large dumpsters tend to get booked more often and remain on job sites a bit longer. They are also harder to access if there is a snow or rainstorm, especially if the dumpster is on the property but not in a driveway. Since they are larger, they are heavier and larger so getting them onto the property could pose an issue and some companies charge more for the inconvenience. 

Small dumpster rentals are easier to move, easier to place, and easier to fill. Because they are not selected as often, they are usually more available for renting

Choose a Dumpster Pro

Sunshine Disposal suggests that you first determine how many trash bags or overall waste materials you need removed. Then talk to our staff to decide if a small dumpster has the capacity and availability to handle your project. We’ll help you figure out where to place the dumpster and work with on scheduling delivery and pickup. If you need a small dumpster rental in Jackson or Cass County, MO or Johnson or Miami County, KS, contact Sunshine Disposal today!

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