Scheduling Your Roll Off Rental in Advance

Roll off rental is in high demand, in both residential and commercial, during the fall. Availability can pose issues during this time of year. Many interior remodel projects begin as the weather becomes colder. Booking a roll off rental now ensures the dumpster you need is there when you need it. 

Sunshine Disposal has been in the dumpster rental business for over 20 years. We get an influx of calls, usually last minute, during the fall and winter months. To meet the scheduling demands of our clients throughout Jackson, Johnson, Cass and Miami counties, we encourage booking earlier rather than later. 

No one wants to have waste and debris from construction, moving, or repair project sitting in the yard, waiting for the dumpster to arrive. Basically, not scheduling the roll off rental early could cause you to have to move the waste and debris more than once. Once to get it out of the building and then a second time when the dumpster arrives. 

Safety First – Always First

You need to keep the people around your home or business safe and ensure the waste and debris is properly removed. When you call to book your roll off rental, our staff will ask you about the type of things you need removed. Not all items can be thrown into the dumpster and hauled away. Roofing materials, plywood and 2×4’s from remodeling projects, and common debris from residential and commercial cleanup projects are accepted. Hazardous waste and chemicals or asbestos tiles and insulation are not. Knowing this in advance allows you to better plan how to remove your unwanted items. 

Calling to schedule your roll off rental early helps you plan your project and keep exposed and unsecured debris away from you, your family, or your employees and business guests. Poorly modified furniture and office items can cause minor or major injuries, exposing you or your organization to hazardous contaminants. Knowing when your dumpster will arrive helps you decide when demolition or removal will have the least amount of impact on the people in the area. 

Advanced Roll Off Rental Saves Time and Money

Most roll-off rental is scheduled for a week at a time. Large projects require longer rentals. Even though we have a large inventory of dumpsters in various sizes, availability is always a concern. We frequently get calls for a certain size dumpster and, due to stock availability, may have that size already on a job site. We can offer a different size, but that may increase the cost of the rental. And yes, a larger size will cost a little more. Booking the roll off rental in advance allows us to better allocate our dumpster inventory. 

Waiting to schedule your dumpster rental could mean you are forced to spend more time or money on your project clean up. No one wants to have to call multiple dumpster providers or spend more because the only size available costs more. 

Please contact Sunshine Disposal as soon as possible when planning a dumpster for your yard clean up or remodeling/construction project. So many businesses and homeowners in Jackson, Johnson, Cass, and Miami counties turn to our roll off rental services because we adhere to all state and city safety guidelines and restrictions, and we have a large inventory of varying sizes of dumpsters. We can ensure your project site is kept clean and safe, and with advance notice, that you get the right dumpster for your project on the dates you need. 
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