Roll Off Rental Savings Tips

Roll off rental from Sunshine Disposal is an affordable and convenient way to ensure your project site is kept clean and orderly. Here are a few tips for saving money on your dumpster rental.


  1. Determine how much waste you need to dispose of before renting a dumpster.

Knowing the approximate volume of the materials you need to dispose of prior to renting a dumpster can save you money by helping us determine and recommend the best size roll off container for your project. 

Choosing the correct dumpster size is important for keeping your project on track and on budget. A container that’s too large for your job can cost you more than necessary, while overloading a small one may result in additional fees. Our team will help you select a dumpster that’s just right for the materials you’ll be getting rid of.


  1. Accurately identify all of the specific materials you will be disposing of.

Waste streams are flows of specific types of waste, from the source through to recovery, recycling, or disposal. It is important that you inform us of all the materials you need to dispose of and do not mix in additional materials when you rent a roll off dumpster for debris removal. 

For instance, you should not add piles of fallen leaves to a container full of brush because leaves are turned into compost and brush is chipped into wood chips. Cross-contamination between brush and leaves will drive up your cost when we have to separate the waste streams.

Additionally, be mindful of prohibited items. Some materials such as hazardous waste, paint, and tires must be taken to designated disposal sites and cannot be disposed of in a roll off rental.


  1. Plan your project so that you can complete waste disposal within your rental period.

While we are usually happy to extend your contract as long as you need your container, that will obviously lead to additional charges. At our end, we promise prompt delivery and pickup for every dumpster you rent. 


  1. Check your local codes and get permits as required. 

In some places, you may need to have a permit for a roll off dumpster. Where permits are required, failing to have one in place can result in hefty fines. If you are unsure about your local requirements, the knowledgeable staff at Sunshine Disposal can help.


  1. Share a roll off rental with your neighbors.

Getting together with your neighbors to share a dumpster rental is a great way to cut costs and beautify your neighborhood at the same time. If you are remodeling your bathroom, your neighbor next door needs a new roof, and the neighbor across the street has a garage to clean out, sharing a large roll off container will save you all time and money.


Roll Off Rental From Sunshine Disposal

Sunshine Disposal adheres to all state and city guidelines and restrictions for the safe and proper handling of waste materials. We can ensure your project site is kept clean and safe, which is why so many businesses and homeowners in Jackson, Johnson, Cass, and Miami counties turn to our waste removal services as a tried-and-true debris removal solution.


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Roll off rental from Sunshine Disposal is an affordable and convenient way to ensure your project site is kept clean and orderly.

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